How to Make A Request.

Got a CSO idea?  I work on requests unlike allot of other CSO makers. Before you request please read checklist.

Before You Request Checklist.

  • 1. Have something to show me. Bad phrases "Future project"," an idea" ,"currently making". Prove that you need the CSO piece and your actually going to make the ride. Show me the ride thread!!
  • 2. Prove your going to follow it through. Your going to need to show me at least one completed project. Show me the Thread!
  • 3.Think the idea through. Some requests make no sense. Please Please please Read what you have written before sending it to me.
  • 4 remember your requesting off me. Sorry but that means i own it, If you stop making the ride I may release it.
  • 5. Dont over request. I know you might get a little bit exited but theres only so much i can do for you. Seeming as a long list of pieces you need may put me off, Only request what you need.

Ready to request? Bare in mind i dont take on all requests but il be happy to talk the request through with you.

Im Active here, Atari or Shyguys world, drop me a message :).